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Donatas Žukauskas

Vilnius, Lithuania

"Third Tree Life"
"Imperfection as a way to create beauty". Cracks, splits, random spots and unpredictable results in a sculptural plastic form, such imperfection fascinates me, I strive for it in almost all my works.

I am a interior designer and creator of interior details from Lithuania, I have been creating sculptural interior objects for more than 15 years, combining sculpture, design and artistry.
I use a concrete-like material, which is the result of various experiments. It is a mixture of several components: the largest part is paper pulp. Although paper is often associated with fragility, when mixed with other materials and dried it becomes as strong as wood, it resembles concrete but is slightly elastic, so it does not split or crumble. It took a lot of testing to find the right ratio of materials to create a rough or smooth surface, water resistance, rigidity, and elasticity.

By using paper in my works, I give it the properties of wood again: natural texture, strength. It's like giving a tree a new life. This is the third tree life.

My works decorate houses in USA, UK, Australia, France, Sheraton hotel in Qatar, Doha.




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Wescover creator since 2022

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Residential Project
Vilnius, Lithuania
Residential Project
Vilnius, Lithuania
Residential Project
Vilnius, Lithuania

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