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Creativity is actually everywhere. Whether it’s a custom made wall hanging in a local cafe or beautiful blue velvet couch at your favorite hotel, it’s amazing how many unique elements of art and design we pass by everyday. However, when these things catch our eye, we’re left wondering: “Who made it?” “What’s the story?” and “Where can I find more?”

Wescover connects the people, places, and stories behind design objects that impact our everyday lives. Here, each item has context like you’d find in a gallery—from who the original Creator is, to what the story was behind it, to where you can see their work in the real world.

Every object takes a journey. Make it part of your story.

Artisan objects are created with care—from the imaginations of our local creators, they take shape in their studios and, once they’re sold, they’re a part of our stories too. These creator-made works are exceptional elements within our lives. If you have a space you’d like to share or creator you’d like to support, contact us.

Our Team

Rachely Esman

Co-Founder & CEO

" I was always inspired by the stories of passionate creators, the trouble is finding them - It almost feels like a secret. Once I uncover one, I feel the urge to let everyone know about them as they deserve it."

Yoad Snapir

Co-Founder & CTO

" We leave our mark on the world every day, this is the story objects around us tell. The more I listen, the better I can hear it. We are building Wescover so we can all share that experience."

Sam Ben Yakar

Software Dev. Lead

" Design can be subjective, the important part is to bring the creators to the front of the stage and let them shine."

Allison Murray

Content Director

" Design hunting is my favorite part of travel. I love getting to know a place through its creators, sharing their work, and being reminded of them in my own spaces."


Community Manager

" I find myself inspired by the beauty in my daily encounters. Whether I'm in a local cafe, a neighbor's Victorian apartment, or surrounded by nature, these places make me want to leave my own mark on the world. The way I see it, art is an expression of life and the human experience. Life itself is art."

Megan Conroy

Community Manager

"I'm always seeking out opportunities to surround myself with beautiful art and design. I love how unique spaces and works of art can change your mood, provide you with confidence or inspire a project."

Raphael Flores

Community Manager

"I believe everyone is unique to their creativity, and art is a vehicle helping express that. We are all artists shaping our world the way we see fit."

Eugene Samrualhant

Community Team

"Life's a giant canvas full of hidden details and uncovering them is the real challenge, as most people are not aware. I want to uncover those details.'

Jovana Tosic

Research Lead

" Art and design are my lifestyle. As an architect involved in historic preservation, I like to explore artwork, design details, and any elements that combine modern with traditional styles. I see them in everything that surrounds me and am inspired by new creators who fill our interior spaces with these things."

Marlon Agripa

Content Team Lead

" Every time I roam around, I can't help but admire each people's ingenuity. Their designs reflect their passion and artistry that it motivates me to improve my craft in discovering more about them and their creations."

Arien Agripa

Content Team

" I am always fascinated with people's creativity. I tend to get inspired by their creation and their talent. The beauty of things around us is someone else's masterpiece, shared to inspire and uplift each one of us."

Nova Gregorio

Content Team

"Encountering these arts in their different forms lets me see the world in a new light, and it gives me the freedom to go places where I wouldn't or may not be able to go to in my regular life. I feel very privileged to be part of the Wescover team because this has given me opportunities to experience different works of art."

Meave Cunningham

Graphic Design Assistant

"There is no such thing as art and design out of context. I believe in the importance of a creator's story and how it informs their work. Exploring and learning about the context of a piece fuels my own art and design practice. The stories of others inspire me to create meaningful work."

Austin Li

Digital Content Production Assistant

"As a content creator, I challenge myself every day to observe the world around me. Not just the grand events, not just the standout elements of my environment, but the small minutiae that can be beautiful if we take the time to appreciate it."

Isabella Bologna

Public Relations Intern

"There are valuable lessons and ideas hidden everywhere in creativity. All it takes is the context of the art, or hearing the artists inspiration, and suddenly the spaces surrounding you become a lot more meaningful."

Lily Silva

Community Manager Intern

Psychology student from Sacramento at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Working with the Community Management team, with an emphasis in social media outreach and VIP services. Lover of all things related to technology, fitness, and food.

Isabella Garces


Every city, space, and individual teems with stories. I nourish myself with the value of others' creations because art is a medium of expressing experiences and emotions that connect us all. This is why I write. There is something to be said about noticing the beauty of our everyday lives.

Renee Utter

Content Strategy

" Having been an artist my whole life, I am always aware of the way design is curated and presented in a space. I am also aware that every object of design has a story, and I thoroughly believe that every story is worth being shared. These stories drive my creative and art-hungry spirit to explore the stories behind every space." 

Dana Su

Community Intern

"I was always enjoying traveling and searching for beautiful things that incorporate my life as part of the stories. Looking at the art pieces and connecting to the stories are what changing my perspective of the world. Art makes people to remember and I make art as my spirit."

Noel Kenny

Social & Content Intern

" Whether you notice it or not, design plays a huge role in the emotional impact of a space on it's occupant. I stop to discover the stories behind design objects. It connects me to something special about the space it occupies and the creator behind it. Knowledge is power, and that goes for aesthetics too."

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