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Grow Your Creative Business

Join Wescover to promote and sell your work online. Our Creators are visionary, professional artists and designers who are actively creating and selling their work. Sell to our audience of professional designers, art consultants and small business supporters buying for their home or commercial projects.

Our audience is looking for your Work

Wescover attracts all sorts of design buyers, but what they have in common is an appreciation for unique pieces from small brands and independent makers. Most of our buyers are professionals sourcing for residential projects and high-profile spaces like the Ace Hotel... They’re looking for a special piece that will set their project apart, and they appreciate how Wescover makes it easy to find and buy from Creators like you.

You’ll get tools and benefits on us

Wescover Creators are featured across the website to both our trade and non-trade users. They benefit from our offsite ads and referral programs. We offer tools to transact easily with our audience including payment processing, shipping partners, messaging / lead-tracking tools, sales and dispute support, and integrations with platforms like Shopify.

Straight forward fees on your sales

Wescover charges a 30% commission plus a 3% transaction fee on sales made on the site. We never charge fees for listings or ads, so you will only ever be charged if we bring you a successful lead!

Wescover Direct

Grow your Trade sales with Wescover Direct!

Wescover Direct is a collection of tools to help you grow your Trade sales on Wescover at 0% commission. Participating Creators receive a personalized code and link to add to their online store. Trade buyers can use this link to signup and order with Trade benefits (at 0% commission to you). With Wescover Direct, you can extend your Trade members the benefits of shopping risk-free and utilize Wescover order processing tools so you never have to chase a payment again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get started?

You’ll share your story and list your finished work on your dedicated Wescover page. For each piece, you’ll specify whether buyers should inquire to commission custom from you or checkout by selecting variants/specs and adding to their cart.

Wescover will market your work to our audience and provide tools to help you close sales and track conversations with potential buyers.