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See what all the buzz is about.   Image of “Desert Bloom” by Kristin Hart Studios in a private home, Los Angeles.

How Wescover Works

Create a portfolio, get discovered, and connect with buyers.

You’re in Good Company

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Join our community of independent artists, designers and studios, connected by their works in the real world.

There are many creative hands at work when an amazing space takes shape. Wescover makes each Creator known outside of niche markets, and connects them with new opportunities. Be a part of this diverse community that supports, credits, and refers each other!

Connect with commissions

Let your Sold Work, Work for You

Wescover Creators have their work in outstanding spaces: Michelin Star restaurants, boutique hotels, unique homes, and cool offices. We showcase finished work on a map and picture in-situ so new clients can get inspired to make your creations apart of their space.

Each finished project is a professional connection and each space is your showroom.

Be Searchable

Add an Invisible Tag to Your Work Anywhere

We make sure our Creators are found when someone wonders, "who made that?"

We focus on the longevity of posts and are always innovating to help our community get recognized for their work. Whether that's SEO optimizing every item on Wescover or launching new features with technologies like Google Lens.

Get Discovered

Credit Your Work

Our audience of design professionals, buyers, media and new fans are looking for unique art/designs. We're helping them find the answers to, “Who made that?” “What’s the story?” and “Where can I find one?”

By adding your work to the map, you can make sure your brand is credited and your story gets shared.

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Welcome to our community of 17132+ Creators
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