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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Shop on Wescover - Welcome to the Creative Community!

How do I buy or commission something from a Creator on Wescover?

Who do my inquiry messages go to?

Who are "Creators" and how do I find a great one for my project?

What if the item I like is unavailable? 

Can I get help finding a piece? What should I put on my blank wall?

How does the Price-Match Guarantee work?

Why don’t some items have prices? 

What is your buyer guarantee?

What is your shipping policy?

Do you accept returns? 

How do I get help with my order?

For Creators

How do I get an “actively selling” badge on Wescover?

Is Wescover free?

Why should I showcase my work on Wescover?

Who is your audience?

How did you find me?

How can I reset my password?

How can I change the email that Wescover uses to contact me?

How do I change something on my page?

What items belong on the map?

How does Wescover make my work more discoverable?

What happens if someone is interested in my work?

Why do I have a Creator page?

How do I get featured?

What if I made something with another creator?

Does my work have to be displayed in a real space?

What images should I share? What is an “item in context”?

What if I don't have images of my work in-context?

Do I maintain the rights to my images and content?

How can I delete a creator page?

For Spaces

I'm creating a new space, what creators should I work with?

What makes a great space?

I own a space, how do I get on the map?

Can I edit a space page?