Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Wescover map?

Whether it's a prominent painting or subtle design detail, we give context to the works of art and design we love. We start by connecting each item with its location and crediting the creator who made it. We're a traditional map and an object network.

Why did you start Wescover?

Hiding in plain sight, there are thousands art/design gems we want to know more about. Even though many of these commissions are of gallery-quality, there’s almost zero information for potential fans, buyers, or curious travelers.

Wescover connects us to these creators and reveals where we can see their works. 

Who are "Creators?"

Creators are the artists, designers, and makers behind our favorite spaces. We want to bring together everyone who makes things in public spaces: Woodworkers, Ceramicists, Painters, Designers, Sculptors…

How do I buy or commission something from a Creator on Wescover?

Reach out via the "inquire" button! If you'd like more information on a piece, to commission something similar, or find out more about your favorite creator, we are here to help you connect with an original artist. You can also email us directly— we are always happy to help facilitate a connection!

What items belong on the map?

On Wescover we show installation shots and sold-work in-context. We cover all types of creations and welcome all kinds of tastes and styles. If an item was made by a Creator and is in a public space, it is welcome on Wescover.

For Creators

Is Wescover free?

Wescover is free for Creators and Interior Designers (and we intend to keep it that way)! We’re a venture backed company & building the design map for consumers is our first priority.

Many of our users are interested in purchasing work and Creators have asked for more tools to help them connect with buyers. So next year we may roll out some more features that help you to sell your work. This will be an optional feature but you can always decide to just enjoy the exposure on the map. :) Also, if you have a gallerist, you can have the inquiries go to them!

How did you find me?

When someone spots something they love, we do our best to give credit to the creator behind the design. Most of our Creators were recommended to us by design enthusiasts, fellow artists, students or Wescover contributors! Reach out if you'd like more information about a specific work.

How do I change something on my page?

Once you claim your page just login and you can add or change anything!

If you're new to Wescover, our community manager sent you an email with a custom claim invitation. This is a special link to your page that will reveal the "claim" button. We're happy to resend this link anytime. Please just send us a message with the subject line "I want to Claim my page."

How does Wescover make my work more discoverable?

Each item you add to the map becomes a network of connections starting with location, category, and creator. Each work will appear on the space page, your creator page, and related categories/tags. This makes you discoverable from various points on Wescover and the greater web.

Why do I have a Creator page?

We credit Creators for their work and help potential fans/buyers find you. Creator pages give an overview of your work, get people interested in your story, and lead them to more information like your website. For some Creators, we use our research to start the page for you— so all you have to do is take over. We hope this saves you some time setting it up and, when you're ready, you can claim your page to edit any element and submit images of your works in public spaces for us to add to the map. We hope that when your work inspires someone they are able to take the next step to become a fan, buyer, or collaborator. That's why every item links back to the person who made it.

How do I get featured?

When we come across an outstanding item, beautiful profile page, or insightful description, we consider featuring it! If you or your work are featured, it will appear more often while people are browsing and even make it onto the Homepage. Email us if you'd like to be considered.

What if I made something with another creator?

If you created a work with another creator, you can both have it on your map! However, since both will appear as an ‘item’ in the same space page, we ask that you make it clear who did what.

  • Give your items slightly different names. For example: "Moon Sculpture, Patina" and "Moon Sculpture, Structure"
  • Use different images or crop. Changing the focal point of the image to the element you were most responsible for can make it much more clear.
  • Have an original description from both items. Writing a personal description is typically very helpful.

When in doubt, you're always welcome to email us for help.

Does my work have to be displayed in a public space?

All your items need to have a location but they don’t necessarily have to be a public space. You can share items in a private residence and your studio now too. But we kindly ask that you share images of your items in the context of the spaces that they’re in.  

What images should I share? What is an “item in context”?

Seeing your work in context—with other design elements and styles in the photo—gives a great sense of how your work fits in the world. It can also inspire someone to imagine it in a new setting like their own homes.

Ideally, the first image shows your work in a space: with your item in the center, or focal point, surrounded by a few elements that gives a sense of the space’s style. Then feel free to add detail shots of the item up close or from different angles.

For example, if you made a wall hanging that’s in a boutique hotel room, the image would show your piece in the center, with the bed and side table in frame too.

For Spaces

I'm creating a new space, what creators should I work with?

We're always happy to provide recommendations! Take a look around Wescover and filter by your desired item or location. If you'd like more information on a piece, creator, curator, or firm we're happy to connect for you.

What makes a great space?

Spaces have the potential to shape our experiences and change the lives of local artists, designers, and makers. We are always thrilled to hear the stories behind venues we've felt connected to. Above all, we love leading design fans to spaces that support local creators! If you know of a place like this, please let us know.

I own a space, how do I get on the map?

If you have original elements of art or design in your space, you are welcome to join Wescover. Please send us an email with more information about your venue, whos you've worked with, and why you think you'd be a great fit for Wescover.

Can I edit a space page?

If you are the owner of a space we are happy to consider updating the page for you. To improve your page, and be considered for a feature or share on social media, update the following:

  • Credit your creators! Exceptional spaces on Wescover have 3 or more original works and are proud to support their creators.
  • Show items in context. Make sure your images are high resolution and show off where the item is in your space.
  • Design descriptions. Write a design-forward description that shares why your space makes what you do exceptional. For example, if you're a restaurant serving farm-to-table fare, talk about how you've created an entire space that incorporates this philosophy from the hand-made tableware to the locally sourced furniture.

Just email our community manager for more info on improving your listing.

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