Frequently Asked Questions


How do I buy or commission something from a Creator on Wescover?

Who are "Creators?"

What is the Wescover map?

Why did you start Wescover?

For Creators

Is Wescover free?

Who is your audience?

How did you find me?

How do I change something on my page?

What items belong on the map?

How does Wescover make my work more discoverable?

Why do I have a Creator page?

How do I get featured?

What if I made something with another creator?

Does my work have to be displayed in a public space?

What images should I share? What is an “item in context”?

For Spaces

I'm creating a new space, what creators should I work with?

What makes a great space?

I own a space, how do I get on the map?

Can I edit a space page?

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