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Virgil No. 22

Nancy Baker Cahill, Artist
Redbird, Restaurant, Los Angeles

Virgil No 22 is an artwork done by Nancy Baker Cahill found sitting perfectly in the Redbird: a former cathedral and, now, one of the most anticipated restaurants in downtown Los Angeles. Nancy is a talented local visual artist whose fleet of analog drawings and new Virtual Reality project tackles the idea of the human body as a complicated abstraction.

Highwire Light Fixture

Apparatus Studio, Lighting
11 Howard, Lodging, New York

This library at 11 Howard gets a serious injection of high-minded inspiration from Apparatus Studio's Highwire lighting fixture. The design is based on French aerialist Philippe Petit and his legendary tight-wire walk between the World Trade Center buildings in the '70s.

Progress Collection Plates

Mary Mar Keenan, Ceramics Tableware
The Progress, Restaurant, San Francisco

A year before it opened, Progress chef (and James Beard Award winner) Stuart Brioza commissioned Keenan to make the restaurant’s dinnerware—about 1,000 pieces in all. They collaborated closely on the design, and the exquisite results, the Progress Collection, is not only used at the restaurant but also available for purchase.

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