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Nadia Fairlamb Art

Waimānalo, HI

"Wood Sculpture - wall hanging / functional + decorative. Nadia sculpts from local tropical hardwoods grown in Hawaii."
Nadia, a working artist living in Hawaii started making art at the feet of an professional oil painter. Her first memory of making art was of smearing herself with her god mothers oil paints as she worked on pieces on Fire Island, New York.

Her formal art training began in junior high school and she continued to earn a BFA in sculptural ceramics and archaeology in Texas.  She fell in love with ceramics and functional art while on archaeology digs in New Mexico, Texas and central America. During and after college she worked as a technical illustrator of archaeological artifacts and for a stained-glass window manufacturer. 

Nadia's current sculptures now feature the fine tropical wood species found in Hawaii and focus on design imagery found in ancient world cultural artifacts. She harnesses these designs to create movement harmony through repetition of those symbols.  Incorporating mirror, glass, iridescent waxes, metallic foils, paint, and epoxy resins into her pieces these pieces they are multi layered and complex. Primarily wall art, the designs can be incorporated into table surfaces and screens.

Selling at many prominent Hawaii art sales events, with local art dealers, interior designers, and galleries both local and international online, she actively shares her work with the world. Her pieces are in the permanent collections several prominent Hawaii collectors and she ships worldwide.

Receiving a 3-year Fellowship grant from the Clark Hulings Business Accelerator Program in 2019 transformed her business further, and she and is been retained by the foundation as instructor and consultant.



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Wescover creator since 2019
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Residential Project
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Residential Project
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