Nadia Fairlamb Art

Waimānalo, HI

"Sculptural and Decorative Mirrors - Nadia hand sculpts each from from local tropical hardwoods grown in Hawaii"
Celebrating seascapes by combining Polynesian, Mediterranean and Native American Indian design, Nadia’s art bursts forth with passion and harmony. She is a sculptor specializing in wood and uses a jigsaw the same way other artists might use a paintbrush.
Nadia spent her childhood living in Europe and Australia, and the ancient, timeless symbols and imagery she saw in those places influenced her passion for art and archaeology.
While earning her BFA in Sculptural Ceramics, Archaeology, and Botany, Nadia worked as a technical illustrator of archaeological artifacts and as a technician at a stained-glass window company. She has been a professional wood artist now for 8 years in Hawaii.
She is currently an art teacher at a local school and her art studio is nestled in the lush country town of Waimanalo, on Oahu.

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