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Lizzie DiSilvestro

Tulsa, OK

"I make art that celebrates finding joy in the ordinary."
Growing up in Kansas City, Lizzie was exposed to a wide range of rich culture, and world-class experiences from a young age. Greatly influenced by her grandmother, a vibrant and strong female with a passion for all things artistic, Lizzie has been encouraged to create for as long as she’s been alive. With a vivacious personality and a strong sense of self, the question has never been would Lizzie express herself, but how. The medium of choice has changed over the years, but paint and fiber have remained constant throughout recent years. With a background in science and nursing, Lizzie takes an analytical look at the temperament of her surrounding milieu, those that inhabit it, and the interplay between the two as a mirror for her art.
Wescover creator since 2020

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