Unique Floor Cushions for Every Interior Style

Here are the most unique floor cushions and pillows we’ve spotted coming out of Creators studios this year. While we’ve chosen a few of our favorites to inspire you, there are hundreds more to discover so use our list as a starting point to find the right textile artist on Wescover! Click though to see what else they’re making and reach out to get a piece of your own.
Floor cushions are historically a staple in countries like Morocco, India, Turkey and Egypt, but they are making waves in Western interior design too. Now modern Designers and Artists around the world are making them in an array of unexpected colors, textures and styles. We love seeing poufs in contemporary living rooms, kids bedrooms, and even boho balconies or patios! They’re great additions to any space that needs a little softening or a comfort upgrade. For instance, combine a natural woven floor cushion with macrame wall decor and layered rugs for the Boho aesthetic. If you’re more of a minimalist, look for an overstuffed or structured felted pillow. The right oversized pillows will layer textures add dimension to a room, especially a smaller space. They are one of our favorite design elements that tie a room together and double as extra seating. We’re sure you’ll love these floor cushion styles by our talented Creators. So make sure you check them out and get inspired to bring a stack into your space! On Wescover we share the work of artists and designers around the world who make everything from floor cushions to fine art. Keep exploring to find more unique pieces. If you’re interested in a piece, reach out directly to the Creator and inquire about getting your own!