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Linda Vrňáková

Prague, Czechia

"Relax, massage"
I'm a girl who enjoys manual activity, I like to create and produce something. I've been attracted to my grandparents' garage more than a little while since I was little more than a stroller and a doll.

I often go to run or just walk into nature. Nature is a cure for all diseases for me, it incredibly recharges and inspires me. And the best relaxation is for me to travel. I travel for nature and the knowledge of other nations and cultures, for adventure and especially for experiences, whatever they are, I will always take only the best of them.

The great things of curiosity and imagination in me are the old things. I like to climb to my grandmother on the ground and there for a few hours I play in old things or I go to a landfill where my treasures are hidden. I started collecting old iron baths from these dumps and creating new things in the form of seating furniture. For me, old things have an incredible value, hiding the mysterious history and energy of the people who used them.

Recycling fascinates me, but first of all I like to invent new things that have a practical use while making us more enjoyable or better. All I create is mainly manual work. All my products are trying to give me a unique look, uniqueness and exclusivity.

I try to approach my work responsibly, socially and ecologically, not creating waste and unnecessary things unnecessarily.
Wescover creator since 2018
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Prague, Czechia

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