The Timbered Wolf by Christopher Dean

Richmond, VA

"Unfaltering ambition, refusing to sacrifice form or function."
The Timbered Wolf's story is one of American perseverance. It began with scrap wood, a creative mind, and a need to put gas in the truck. Through the hardships faced, a bond grew between the wood and myself. I began to understand its structure, its color, its feel. As The Timbered Wolf gained momentum, my creativity started to flourish, my quality shot through the roof, and my determination solidified.

Whether it be a cutting board, butcher block, or a piece of handcrafted furniture, every piece of wood that passes through my hands is approached with the same mentality as when this journey started - "This cannot fail, ever." You can be confident that your purchase will become an heirloom. If properly cared for, your children will grow to use it.

Cutting Boards are my primary focus & highest sought after item, & my creativity process is fairly simple - the only rule I have is that no two boards are identical. I want you to be the only person in the world who has your board. Your cutting board should be a centerpiece of your family, your community. A Unique piece of functional art that can draw people in, and help to create bonds in the kitchen between you and those you love.

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