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"Abstracts, oceans and dunes"
Lily is a self-taught painter working in oil, acrylic, and mixed media to create color-saturated abstracts and seascapes. A native Floridian whose first career was working with refugees in the Middle East, Lily approaches each painting with a deep respect for sense of place. Growing up in Florida, she was always longing to be elsewhere, and the idea of “elsewhere” gained mythic proportions in her imagination. As an adult with freedom of place, she is especially enthralled by the feelings that different locations can give us, both physical and universal.

Lily’s work takes the tensely intertwined feelings of freedom and nostalgia and works them together in full color on canvas. Her driving belief is that all paintings are infused with the energy of place, thought, and artist, and can in turn grow and evolve in meaning depending on the unique context of each viewer. In her abstract work she explores the layers of desire and how these intersect with duty; how the universal forces guiding our lives either collide with--or flow around--real world obstacles. Lily’s three boys help begin each abstract painting, laying down a base for the colors and patterns she will later build--a foundation of realness with fantasies and desires layered on top.

Lily was born in 1981 in Miami, Florida, and made her way to New England to attend Bowdoin College. When not painting she can generally be found on or in the water, adventuring with her three boys.

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