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Francesca Borgo

Veneto, Italy

"Dreamy abstract landscapes from Italy"
Born in Northern Italy (1970) she is a self-taught Italian painter.

She started painting and drawing as a private passion that fuelled her imagination and her desire to express her most cherished views of a different future for humanity and the planet. After a period of illness that held her at home for a while, away from her day job and chores, she started to have 'daily dates' with colors and paintbrushes, feeling more and more in contact with herself. In the last decade, painting progressively developed into her main activity and interest. She now lives in Trieste (Italy) and works in her studio at home.

She is a frequent participant in London (UK) art fairs, works with art advisors on residential projects, and nurtures plans to bring more works to the US in the upcoming years. Her works are represented in private collections in the USA, England, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Malta, and Italy.



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