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Elisa Gomez Art

Elisa Gomez Art

Denver, CO

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"Abstract expressionist paintings influenced by my ever changing natural surroundings"
“Elisa Gomez received her BFA with an emphasis in painting from the University of Utah in 2010. She has been involved in multiple shows across the country, most notably “Terrain” in San Francisco- a show based on pieces painted while traveling across the Western U.S. for eight months. Primarily in mixed media on canvas, Elisa Gomez wields her materials with the skill of a practiced fine artist while nonetheless composing her canvases with the ease of a studied art historian. Evidenced by a few discernible, well-executed, and discrete operations, her working mode transposes the schema and aesthetic of both European and American Abstract Expressionism with a studied sensitivity particular to her training and practice.”
Elizabeth Miller, Ph. D. UCSD

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