Top Wescover Picks for July

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Rica Belna's slightly golden lightweight in design dynamic art print at the Golden Pavilion restaurant in City of Dreams, Macau.
July was an awesome month for the team here at Wescover as we had more and more Creators join the platform and add their beautiful works to our site. We absolutely love sharing each and every one of our Creator’s pieces, so here are our top picks for the month of July!

Aidlin Darling Design: Check out our upcoming feature all about this award winning interior design firm, tomorrow! Follow us on Instagram to be the first to know (@wescoverapp)

    1. LAMKAT: Absolutely rocked our Instagram #TakeoverTuesday! Her murals and paintings are all over the world, from Colombia to Texas to Brooklyn. Read more on her Wescover Page:
    1. Elisa Gomez ART: The creator of some of the most amazing abstract expressionist paintings you’ve ever seen. Don’t believe us? Check out her Wescover Page:

      Abstract Floral Commission by Elisa Gomez Art,seen at Laurelwood House, West Lake Hills, TX, on Wescover
      Abstract Floral Commission by Elisa Gomez Art,seen at Laurelwood House, West Lake Hills, TX, on Wescover
    1. Susan Porter Art: The minimalist painter who transforms the intricate patterns of nature and distills them into stunning simplicity.
    1. Cathy Lancaster Studio: Craving a splash of color in a space? Look no further than this contemporary painter and textile designer.
    1. Granada Tile: Eco-friendly, handmade, and historically-inspired… what tiles do they not create?!
    1. Rica Belna: We like to think of photography for Rica Belna as a playground for light. Her creations truly do inspire the imagination.

      Rica Belna, seen on Wescover
      Rica Belna, seen on Wescover
    1. Marie Burgos Design: Principles of Feng Shui + Client’s Vision = Marie Burgos Design interiors that are harmonious, sophisticated and functional
    1. Ron Dier Design: Ron’s multi-medium work brings depth to a space. It is impactful and beautiful and we are in love with the diversity of his talent.’s multi-medium work brings depth to a space
  1. epiphany studios: Known to be the largest private hot glass blowing studio in the Midwest, epiphany studios creates captivating pieces that are located in corporate offices, private residences, hotel lobbies, and more! Check it out:
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Happy creating!

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