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Created and Sold by Lucky Rapp

Lucky Rapp

Canvas and Resin Wall Art - Paintings

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Dominique Crenn worked closely with friend and San Francisco artist Lucky Rapp on the canvas and resin wall art that lines the dining room. Each French phrase was chosen by Crenn herself and is “like family slang that has a personal meaning.” Subject to Change worked with Rapp on the scale, placement, and color for each.

Item Canvas and Resin Wall Art
Created by Lucky Rapp
Lucky Rapp
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
Lucky Rapp is a San Francisco-based visual artist with a background in both fashion and art. Her self-taught style is often characterized as being text-based.

Her methodology incorporates layers of resin, paint and acrylic forms that create texture and depth within the dialogue of her work. Lucky’s approach is process-oriented and physical. The end result, combines inquisitive statements that play with both language and the potency of graphical communication.