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Watercolor Paintings for Sale

For lovers of soft strokes and blended edges, watercolor paintings are the ideal touch to add to your space. Although these kinds of paintings are often more subdued, they can also be created to have bold pops of color, using palettes that stand out to the eye. Below, you can find 100% watercolor paintings or mixed media pieces that use watercolors and materials like acrylic and oils!

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First used primarily as landscape paintings, watercolor paintings have been around for thousands of years. Over time, watercolor pieces have transformed into all kinds of art — abstract watercolor, gradient and color blending pieces, dry brush paintings and more. Watercolor paint is made from different colored pigments, water, and a binder (in order for the paint to stay on the paper). In some cases, you can find “watercolor pens,” or “watercolor markers” which creates a similar effect when creating a piece.

Along with the watercolor binder, specific paper is needed to ensure that the pigment stays on the paper. Creators use mediums such as multipurpose, cotton, or wood pulp paper. Most of the time, artists use 100% cotton paper for their watercolor paintings as it is more durable than other kinds of watercolor paper. Cotton paper allows the paint to last longer and creates texture within the art piece.

The materials that watercolor artists use are vast. If the creator is solely working with watercolor (rather than mixed media), they will use different brushes based on what kind of a texture and look they want their painting to achieve. Some examples of watercolor brushes used are sable brushes, round brushes, flat brushes, spotter brushes, and rigger brushes. Mixing the pigment with a specific amount of water and using a certain brush, artists can create their ideal lines and marks.