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Yechel Gagnon

Yechel Gagnon

Montreal, Canada

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Montreal based artist Yechel Gagnon, creates signature style plywood bas reliefs.
A technique she developped more than 20 years ago, using at the time a simple sheet of plywood. This material has captivated her and continues to compel her to seek its potential, its mystery and all of its expressive facets. Over the last decade, she has developed her own technique of creating custom made plywood with tinted, natural & exotic veneers. Resulting in a fascinating array of colours, nuances and textures. Gagnon’s artistic practice also encompasses embossed prints, frottage drawings, etchings, cast-aluminium works and large-scale architectural installations. Engaging different media has allowed her to nurture a fluid, dialogical process capable of informing and renewing itself across disciplines.

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