Marta Spendowska

Portsmouth, NH

"Painter of Abstract Flora, Lands and Ocean."
Marta Spendowska is a Polish-born (NH Seacoast-based) American painter. Since '07 she has worked with a wide range of art collectors, consultants, fashion and beauty brands, and interior designers. Client roaster includes Oprah Magazine, Danielle LaPorte, Better Homes & Gardens, Oreo and many more.

She currently happily resides by the ocean, soaking up its every drop on summers and paints outdoors to breathe the New England landscape onto paper.

Member of: New Hampshire Art Association (NHAA), New England Watercolor Association (NEWS), Center for Maine Contemporary Art (CMCA), National Watercolor Association (NWS), American Watercolor Association (AWS).

As an artist, I am at the mercy of beauty and spirituality which I have come to recognize as twin sisters. They are the strongest influences and have become the biggest motivators in my daily life—like my morning coffee—they trigger my energy and allow it flow freely. By learning from my experiences, I have become the unique author of what I know. And so I paint what I know.

I choose to work with specific water-based materials: watercolor, acrylic paint, or ink. Watercolor is my preferred medium because it is immediately responsive; it reminds me that life does not allow for “do overs.” The only certain thing is here, now. The fluidity of my materials allows me to be spontaneous, with no plan or obligation other than to react to what is happening with this paper, that brush, this moment.

This intuitive process of painting helps me delve into intangible, hidden, heart-felt places—something akin to painting as prayer. The movement between the paint and me, hovering, is like dancing with the ghosts of every person and each thing that has ever mattered to me. When I paint I gather all my amulets and channel them into my art. What I feel in my heart becomes visible and tangible.

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