Lex Stobie

Thebarton, Australia

New Zealand-born Stobie is that rare breed of furniture creator who is hands-on with his product from concept to completion. There is an honesty and ingenuity to Lex Stobie’s work that has seen his pieces become sought-out among admirers of the Danish aesthetic. His work is all about shared knowledge, locally sourced eco-friendly timbers and taking the time to do the job right.
Furniture-making, done properly, is a slow business. For Lex, windows of inspiration come not in a white office cubicle but while cycling or taking time out from creating. He carries a pencil and paper so ideas can become sketches wherever he goes. His ideas find form as maquettes – to be remodeled, reshaped or sometimes discarded as a new piece is perfected through a series of iterative developments. These developments result in pieces that are unique yet compliment works by the greats of modern design.

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