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Kraków, Poland

"Fine design with a twist."
Who are we?
We have been close friends since high school. Kasia graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven and Paulina is a lawyer educated at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Our different backgrounds and experience make us a dream team – we inspire and complement each other. One can say that Kasia is “the heart” and Paulina is “the brain” of this operation.

What is Krafla?
Krafla is a design brand offering home accessories. We are curious, fun and adventurous, and so are our products. Our work is all about creativity and uncommon solutions. We combine an elegant look with a pinch of the surreal. Our mission is to make your home a comfortable place where you’d love to live in and be yourself.

Why “Krafla”?
Coming up with the name was a very long process. We love to travel and decided that the first money earned would go towards a trip to Iceland. This is where we settled on the name Krafla, which is a breathtaking volcano in the north of the island. The name of our brand reminds us of that first travel goal.

Krafla in three words:
- Astonishing
- Elegant
- Fun

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