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Donna Bruni

Donna Bruni

Minneapolis, MN

"I love the fluid materiality of oil paint and the process of transforming two-dimensional surfaces into dynamic, layered compositions through interaction of color, form and line."
I'm interested in places we are drawn to in our lives and stories that belong to these places. They are reference points for me at various stages of the painting process, influencing color, composition, movement and form. My paintings blend elements of landscape with abstraction as a means to create visual poetry.

American painter, Donna Bruni is known for creating atmospheric paintings with broad, richly layered planes of color. Her compositions are based on form and flux of natural and urban environments. Influenced by beauty and mystique of coastal regions and diverse landscape memory, her work investigates ideology of home and belonging. Daily observation of light, air, water, wind, earth, sky, seasons and life cycles become contextual elements for her meditative works on canvas. In the studio, her painting process begins with color, interpreting visual experiences through the language of emotion and energy. The process involves applying and mixing oil pigment directly on large canvases with a palette knife, building depth in layers, then scraping, lifting or brushing out areas to reveal detail beneath the surface.

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