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Blake Hughes Art

Blake Hughes Art

Columbus, OH

"Abstract Expressionist and Cubist Painter"
I have studied and been influenced heavily by Cubism, with the style forming a strong point of personal history in my maturation and understanding of modern art. Cubism stood out in my teenage years and compelled me to look past the typical art I was exposed to and view more abstracted and challenging pieces. As such I have in me a strong push to explore this influence in my current work, utilizing twisted, fragmented planes and forms to explore various subjects. Alongside this, I draw heavily from Impressionist and Fauvist masters that came to drive my research in undergrad, both lending heavily to my continue love and exploration of color theory. This combination of influences creates a desire in me to re-contextualize the subjects viewing plane to create a multi-faceted context to understand and interpret partially, or fully, abstract subjects.

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