Aigana Gali

London, United Kingdom

"I can see it's nature in everything I do. When immersed within the barren lands, a deep feeling of nothingness washes over you, but it's the perfect “nothing”. The familiarity of infrastructure shielding you from yourself is suddenly absent. The knowledge of understanding oneself is graciously met when immersed in such a place where only thoughts can fill the air around you, and you feel the true proportion of your personality against this enormous void."
Aigana Gali is a contemporary artist whose work conjures a universe of resilient colour, immersive textures, and the mystery of existence. Born of Georgian and Kazakh descent, Aigana Gali was raised in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the ancient crossing on the Great Silk Road, where Asia and Europe mix to give the world a unique blend of culture.
Deeply influenced by her Central Asian roots, her artistic talent often expresses itself through elaborate concepts of duality. She regularly investigates opposing themes, such as physical world and spiritual beliefs, reality and imagination, human constructions and nature, being and nothingness.
Gali has made numerous successful painting and drawing exhibitions worldwide. Over a hundred of the artist’s works are in private and public collections in the UK, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.


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