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Philippe Halaburda

Newburgh, NY

"How to translate emotions and shape them through psychogeographic maps in abstract paintings"
Philippe Halaburda (b. 1972) is a French-born artist living and working in the USA since 2016 where he keeps transforming his work in exciting and innovative ways. Whole urban environments are being encoded into his own visual language, maps, and frameworks that invite the viewer to discover their own subconscious feelings, dreams, and experiences from living and interacting in the city and their relation to the collective.
The artist uses all kinds of mediums, be it canvas, photos, digital media, or recently plexiglass as well as his own techniques of replacing paintbrushes with rubber spatulas to create the imagery, topography, and abstract algorithms of data he collects transforming them into new worlds of monumental scales. The beauty of his art lies in the poetic and spontaneous expression of landscapes transformed into a modern visual code that the artist keeps inventing and perfecting. His art has been exhibited throughout Europe with his first solo representation by the Peyton Wright gallery in the United States in 2013. Since then, he has been in various American and French galleries.
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