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Leaf Handcrafted Furniture

Revelstoke, Canada

"Leaf Handcrafted Furniture creates furniture with a passion. Each piece is unique and made from us for you. There is only a small amount of pieces that can be produced in a year as they are handmade by "Lars Laug."
LEAF is an acronym for “live. environmental. architectural. functional” this relates to Lars & Leesa's every day life.

Leaf Handcrafted Furniture has grown from a dream and a love of creating eye catching pieces. Made from materials that have a story to tell. Although inspired by our surroundings and the things that fill them, we strive to make pieces that are unique in nature.

Lars Laug is the maker at “Leaf Handcrafted Furniture”. Canadian born, Lars started out as a ski technician during and after school. He moved to Western Canada to pursue his love of skiing. This is where he met his sole mate Leesa. They soon moved to Australia to live. Leesa’s step Dad is a wooden boat builder and built their family home. Inspired by the surroundings Lars gained his love for design and timber. Lars & Leesa work as a team feeding off of each other’s creative ideas to come up with unique pieces that are functional, modern and eye-catching.

Lars Laug (maker) started as a carpenter building architectural homes on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Over the years providing clients with not only high quality renovations, but also finishing by often making bespoke furniture and lighting to complete the picture. Over 17 years working as a carpenter/joiner he has developed many skills and has a very open mind when approaching any project!

Leesa was working at “Rewind Mid Century Furniture” restoring pieces from the mid century.

2013 Lars decided that he needed to make his dream come true and put 100% devotion into making furniture full time.

We enjoy making creative pieces often inspired either by materials, environments or even the clients! (that the piece is made for). We are always striving to create with a high standard, so that each piece can be kept for a lifetime and beyond.

Leaf’s style is Scandinavian with mid-century influences with a dash of contemporary. Tending towards more sculpted elements. With every design Lars is pushing boundaries and trying new things. With this Leaf Handcrafted Furniture has received international recognition.

With the International market growing and Lars feeling the need to return tp his native country we decided to mix it up a bit and move back to North America. Getting back to his roots.
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