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Facture Studio
Tables by Facture Studio seen at VSOP Art + Design Projects, Greenport - Gradient Console Blue

Gradient Console Blue

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VSOP Projects Greenport has a great show up until Sept. 3rd that includes "Materiality Leading Design" curated by Kin & Company. Many thanks to them both for including us and honored to be next to so many awesome designers!

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Facture Studio

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Creating light, transparency, and color with resin.

FACTURE STUDIO is a contemporary art furniture company headed by designer, Quincy Ellis. Based in Brooklyn, his dynamic molded works use resin to experiment endlessly with light, color & transparency. The exploration of these three concepts is central to all of the brand’s work, constantly refining its designs by changing colors, shades, shift patterns, opacities & interior core colors.
An evolving process of discovery informs FACTURE STUDIO’s work and it is intrinsic to everything produced. The studio’s rich but unique background and perspectives serve as a sort of “checks and balances” system, ensuring their output never becomes complacent or fails to continue pushing the envelope.

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