Street Murals by Mitsu Overstreet seen at 56 Golden Gate Avenue, SF, San Francisco - Fear Head

Fear Head

At 56 Golden Gate Avenue, SF, there is a mural called Fear Head that is fed by the neighborhood's homeless residents, drug dealers, immigrants, police, tourists, and prostitutes every time they encounter fear. Created by Mitsu Overstreet, this piece was a part of a public art exhibit called "Wonderland." It illustrates a scared pink-haired woman, a green slime monster, and a blue horned devil.

Meet the Creator

"Mitsumasa Overstreet is a contemporary visual artist and designer primarily known for his public art installations.

Mitsu’s journey through his art has lead him to focus on public works as one of his most important expressions. In every public project he takes on it brings a challenge of joining the process of creating as a consciously self-searching artist with an empathic collaboration with the real people and environments surrounding the work. This results in unique place-making and meaningful environments that captures and highlights the individual experience as key to creating art that strengthens a cohesive identity in the community it reflects. He sees public art as a source of energy where communities can heal and grow. It can create new positive identities out of places where they previously were negative or none at all. It can also activate an area with creativity that inspires fresh new perspectives in communities to help them flourish culturally, economically and educationally.

Overstreet graduated from the California College of the Arts in Oakland/San Francisco, California. This past year he designed and oversaw the installation of “The River / El Rio: Both Sides, No Sides,” an extended terrazzo floor installation from “River Spirit” at the EL Paso International Airport. Currently, he’s working as an Allied Artist for The Chihuahuan Desert installation at The El Paso Zoo due to be installed in 2018"

Available for commission/custom work