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Found at Orange Alley at 25th St, San Francisco, CA, is Boris Biberdzic’s mural called Time. The original painting included Facebook and Twitter logos that were blooming flowers while the peace and love flower was losing its petals, as a sign of the times. Somebody in the local community later repainted the logos respectfully, which I found to be a great intervention. With the tech industry’s arrival also come higher costs of living/rent due to gentrification, which the local population doesn’t approve of, rightfully so.

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Boris Biberdzic

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"Boris Biberdzic is an artist based in Montreal, Canada. Inspired by modernist art movements such as cubism, fauvism and naive art, as well as graffiti, he paints figuratively (characters, animals, nature) while putting heavy emphasis on color and composition. Recently, abstract art and patterns are leading him toward new explorations of the human condition. He has participated in many different group shows, projects, mural symposium, and festivals. He has since extended his practice to illustration and motion design."