Created and Sold by Amy Landesberg

Amy Landesberg
Sculptures by Amy Landesberg seen at National Car Rental - San Diego International Airport, San Diego - Autoplast I: Tail Light Swarm

Autoplast I: Tail Light Swarm

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National Car Rental's location at San Diego International Airport boasts a thought-provoking wall installation by Atlanta-based artist Amy Landesberg.

"Autoplast I" (Hyundai Elantra tail lights, stainless steel; 60’ wide x 60’ high; 2015) is comprised of a cloud of 801 left-side tail lights from Hyundai Elantras, which migrate across the expansive vertical space. Inspired by the herding, flocking, or swarming patterns of various specis, the arragement of the vibrant red lights was designed through a computer simluation intended to micmic the effect of a fine San Diego breeze on a traveling swarm.

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