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Paula Gibbs
Paintings by Paula Gibbs seen at Tucson Area, Tucson - Wall of Color in Blues by Paula Gibbs

Wall of Color in Blues by Paula Gibbs

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This is part of my Wall of Color series. About the Wall of Color: The look of big, bold fields of color against a white wall has always attracted me. One of my first pieces of art I designed and created was a wall sculpture installation consisting of various sizes of squares of dense foam, each painted bright mid-century modern colors. The individual pieces with the white wall in between made for a large-scale, three-dimensional texture that just can not be created with a single canvas painting. That first piece is still a good looking installation.

My Wall of Color wall sculpture series harkens back to my love of color fields, as well as that initial style of large-scale 3D texture. I’d been tossing the idea around for quite some time. I was looking for a design that would work in a grid configuration, was colorful and that I could price in the lower price range for original art.

I sat down and started playing with this concept on my computer and in my studio. It is amazing how some ideas eventually gel. This was one of them. Each of these pieces is a layered abstract landscape painted on heavy watercolor paper. I then mount them on wood panels. The sides of the panels are black. The black sides really makes the already brightly colored landscapes really pop.

It is my hope that viewers will look at this colorful group of paintings and simply get pleasure from the experience.

This installation includes 9 pieces, 10" x 10" x 1.5" (each) landscape paintings. With four inch spacing as pictured the total size is 38" wide by 38" wide. Of course, these can be hung in any configuration you like.

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Paula Gibbs

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Modern, abstract, unique, colorful, custom art!

It took a near-death experience in 2012 to turn me into an artist. It was my first day home after winning a battle with advanced stage pneumonia, one which most people lose. That day I had what I suppose was an epiphany. Suddenly art had to be in my life.

It is quite odd because not for one second had I ever considered being an artist. Why would I? Art was something for people with creative talent and the skill to bring ideas into the physical world. That certainly did not describe me.

Having no art education, my recovery was spent researching, and later I experimented with many mediums. Three styles and two different mediums now make up my work. My metal wall art involves distressing metal and enamel paint to create artworks with great character and depth. Painting on canvas is my newest endeavor. Then there is my Wall of Color series. This customizable style is made up of multiple pieces, usually square panels, of simple design, with the idea of creating big works of color. These installations are perfect for creating an uplifting environment.