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Paula Gibbs

Oro Valley, AZ

"Modern, abstract, unique, colorful, custom art!"
A transformative event in 2012 altered the course of my life, propelling me into the realm of art. After triumphing over advanced stage pneumonia, a battle few survive, I returned home on that fateful day and experienced what can only be described as an epiphany. Suddenly, the presence of art became an imperative in my existence.

This revelation was rather peculiar, considering that I had never once contemplated becoming an artist. Why would I? Art seemed reserved for individuals endowed with innate creativity and the ability to manifest their ideas in tangible form—a description that hardly seemed to apply to me.

With no formal training in art, my recovery period was dedicated to extensive research, which eventually led me to embark on a journey of experimentation with various artistic mediums. Through numerous trials and errors, I honed my skills and discovered my true passion. Presently, I proudly present a collection of vibrant multi-panel wall sculptures, bursting with color and life. Additionally, I channel my artistic expression onto expansive canvases, with a focus on pop art, as well as my unique interpretation of the mid-century modern style.



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