Murals by Gummy Gue seen at Odilia van Salmstraat 42, Breda - Orbital
Murals by Gummy Gue seen at Odilia van Salmstraat 42, Breda - Orbital
Image credit: Edwin Wiekens, Justin van der Moezel
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Item Orbital
Created by Gummy Gue
As seen in Odilia van Salmstraat 42, Breda, Netherlands


Murals by Gummy Gue, as seen in Odilia van Salmstraat 42, Breda, Netherlands

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The project is realized by the Italian artistic duo Gummy Gue, curated by Blind Walls Gallery and supported by the Municipality of Breda, Netherlands. It consist of a horizontal painting on the surface of playgraound in Odilia van Salmstraat, in the Gerardus Macella neighborhood in Breda, which surrounds the football cage dedicated to the player Hein van Gastel.

In Gummy Gue’s projects there is always the desire to find a meeting point with the structural reality where they operate, so this project has developed through the search for proportional relationships with the irregular shape of the concrete perimeter and the field’s area.

In harmony with sports events, the environment is qualified through a dynamic of shapes that visually amplifies the space of the game, the becoming of movements and gestural freedom, to arouse emotional involvement in people who cross the surface.

Meet the Creator

Gummy Gue

Gummy Gue

Catania, Italy

Gummy Gue (Marco and Andrea Mangione) is an artistic duo who works mainly in the public space, based in Catania, Italy. They know the graffiti writing environment in the early 2000s, investigating and experimenting on the expressive possibilities who come near to urban contemporary art.

Their research focused on a system of formal codes that follow a certain logic, a language of signs that has his rules and reference channels. A personal grammar that expresses itself in a suspended vision, to suggest possible universes through figuration which borders with abstraction, a research started with iconic characters that have accompanied the artists from the beginning of their path.

The breakdown of the elements is the result of a search to the synthesis that tends to exhibit positive and vibrant vibes to the representation of a flexible space, an open dialogue with the architecture and the environment. Sports facilities and recreational areas are urban spaces where experiment the movement and the crossing of a usable space, to obtain a variable vision that regenerates continuously, as in a virtual simulation lived in real space.
Several of their works, such as Playground and Skatepark, have been recognized by magazines and platforms dedicated to design and architecture such as Domus, Designboom, AD Magazine, Architectural Record and many others.

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