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Delaine Hackney
Murals by Delaine Hackney seen at Anchorage Square, San Francisco - Buried Anchor

Buried Anchor

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"Buried Anchor, was installed onto a 19’ high wall that was originally built with the intention to be part of an elevator but for whatever reason, likely lack of funding, the project was scrapped and the wall stood empty in the middle of a courtyard populated with high tourist traffic, a perfect substrate for a mosaic. The property management at Anchorage Square had a vision that would incorporate their “anchor”, as well as the iconic golden gate bridge, along with a sail boat, etc. The project was created in my studio, in sections, and then transferred to the site to be mortared and grouted. It celebrates the glorious sparkles of the San Francisco bay!" Said the artist Delaine Hackney.

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Delaine Hackney

Meet the Creator

As a self-taught professional mosaic artist since 2003, Delaine has created many large-scale public art mosaics and community style mosaic projects in the San Francisco Bay area. Employing precision setting techniques, her works are highly textural, made with primarily ceramic and include glass and miscellaneous found objects. Her murals depict a sense of flow and often tell a story. Delaine is also known for her whimsical pet portraits in mosaic and has been teaching mosaic portraiture workshops since 2005. Delaine resides in Oakland CA.