Created and Sold by Arnie Charnick

Arnie Charnick
Murals by Arnie Charnick seen at Veselka, New York - Veselka Blooms

Veselka Blooms

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Charnick presents "VASElka BLOOMS", a new mural at Veselka restaurant,NYC

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Arnie Charnick

Meet the Creator

Arnie Charnick is a muralist from the Bronx and based in New York City. He is known for his iconic mural titled “Veselkhiarascuro” in trendy hotspot Veselka on Second Avenue. The mural was sold when the restaurant remodeled.

On his early career, Charnick is leading the life of a struggling artist working as a short-order cook, painting signs, doing some free-lance work. Charnick got his break when Veselka owner Tom Birchard asked him to brighten up the bare, white wall on the Ninth St. side of the shop. Soon after his first work, Charnick became a neighborhood attraction. He painted signs in the neighborhood since 1980. He refuses to work farther from home than he can comfortably carry his ladder. He grew up in the Bronx and went to the Cooper Union. He went to Morocco planning to do 50 black-and-white drawings. But he got sick with dysentery and had to return home. In New York, he won $5000 on the lottery. Having money took away his urge to paint. He flew his daughter east from San Francisco, where she is a student. They went to a restaurant every night. It was 3 months before he spent all the money & was able to get back to work.

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