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Allison Kunath
Murals by Allison Kunath seen at WeWork Fine Arts Building, Los Angeles - WeWork


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Grit Collective commissioned Allison Kunath and The Couto Bros. to create flowing, cohesive murals amongst multiple rooms on the 12th floor of WeWork Downtown LA.

“The entire mural project for WeWork was not only an act of collaboration - but a work of art about collaboration. Given the nature of the space, we wanted to create something that illustrates the magic that can only be created when people come together. Our design started with the hands (rendered by Allison Kunath) and the shapes in between (rendered by The Couto Bros) to represent the act of collaboration. The shapes become the creation, and like an idea too powerful to be contained, they spill into the rest of the space building a dream-like environment. We all took a slightly different approach with this project, which included more spontaneity, and intuitive decision making. We played off each others marks, and took it one step at a time, creating balance as we went. There’s something special about shared creative energy. We Can’t wait to see what other collaborations originate in the space.” — Allison Kunath, Artist

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Allison Kunath

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Kunath’s work is fuelled by the tension between her thirst for solitude and hunger for connection. Creating self-reflective work that explores communication and various forms of connection, Kunath says ‘Relationship is my greatest teacher,’ and it is also her greatest inspiration. Examining her relationship to herself, her community, and her environment, she makes works that are meditative responses to those connections. Her studio works are primarily on paper and canvas, and her murals can be found in the US, Mexico, Panama and Nicaragua.

Travel plays an important role in her creative process, and it’s become her favorite tool for accessing fresh approaches and inspiration. Each new destination offers a chance to relate to both herself and her work in a different way, often resulting in notable shifts in her style and palette.

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