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Custom Rectangular Concrete Skye Bench | Benches & Ottomans by Holmes Wilson Furniture. Item made of concrete
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Custom Rectangular Concrete Skye Bench | Benches & Ottomans by Holmes Wilson Furniture. Item made of concrete
Custom Rectangular Concrete Skye Bench | Benches & Ottomans by Holmes Wilson Furniture. Item made of concrete
Custom Rectangular Concrete Skye Bench | Benches & Ottomans by Holmes Wilson Furniture. Item made of concrete

Created and Sold by Holmes Wilson Furniture

Holmes Wilson Furniture

Custom Rectangular Concrete Skye Bench - Benches & Ottomans

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15H x 48W x 12D in
38.1H x 121.92W x 30.48D cm

These customizable mid-weight concrete benches or coffee tables with or without impressions from real leaves can make a natural addition to nearly any room or outdoor environment.

The fossil-like leaf imprints soften the brutalist material of cement into an organic and rustic presence. The imprints have some texture to them, which offers visual and tactile interest, but will not tip over glasses, vases, or any other tabletop items placed on the surface. All works have natural variations in color and design due to leaf availability, material variations, weather, and other factors. Finishes are typically matte to lightly satin. Work is sealed to resist stains.

Leaf Designs

Possible foliage impressions include artichoke, rhubarb, nasturtium, redwood, smoke bush, tobacco, sage, acanthus, various ferns, grass blades, corn husk, geranium, burdock, potato, echium, and many more, although availability is highly seasonal.

Leaves can be composed in various ways, whether they are more centered or on the edges, numerous or minimal, or placed in a "natural" way or more designed pattern. Different varieties of leaves can be combined on a single piece. Leaves are often grouted with two or three different colors to emphasize their botanical detail. Contact for questions about leaf recommendations, availability, or for more images of particular leaf designs or more ideas. We have likely cast over 200 varieties of plants, and we continue to love to experiment with new leaves!


Pieces can come in a range of colors, whether the standard cement colors of white, limestone, or grey, or pigmented with yellows, browns, blacks, blues, reds, or greens. In addition, you may request the leaf be filled in with certain colors. They can also match the base color for a more subtle effect. Note that we can not guarantee an exact color match due to the nature of cement, pigments, and the variation in colors of screens and photographs, but we will often create several color samples to ensure we get it as close as possible.

General Info

These works are made with cement, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete techniques and recycled glass by mother and son family business in California, in business for 28 years. Likely to last a lifetime or more with some care taken, whether kept indoor or out, though work left in the elements should be resealed every few years or as needed. Works are sealed to prevent stains. They weigh about 70 pounds, a nice solid weight that feels sturdy, but not difficult to move.

Item Custom Rectangular Concrete Skye Bench
As seen in Creator's Studio, Santa Rosa, CA
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Holmes Wilson Furniture
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Biophilic Concrete Art and Furniture to Inspire a Sense of Place

I am Ryder Holmes Wilson, and I have inherited a family business from my parents, Pamela Holmes and Brad Wilson, and we have made modern concrete furniture and art by hand since 1995. I am constantly evolving our techniques and aesthetic, drawing especially from the land and plants of Sonoma County, California. Each work we make is unique and something we hope will last hundreds of years, thanks to modern, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) techniques that allow for incredible durability at very light weights. Our oeuvre includes hundreds of dining tables and sculptures, and thousands of side and coffee tables. Designers and stores we have worked with include Baker Furniture, Anthropologie, 505 Design, The Gardener, Caravane and many more.