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Holmes Wilson Furniture

Santa Rosa, CA

"Biophilic Concrete Art and Furniture to Inspire a Sense of Place"
I am Ryder Holmes Wilson, and I have inherited a family business from my parents, Pamela Holmes and Brad Wilson, and we have made modern concrete furniture and art by hand since 1995. I am constantly evolving our techniques and aesthetic, drawing especially from the land and plants of Sonoma County, California. Each work we make is unique and something we hope will last hundreds of years, thanks to modern, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) techniques that allow for incredible durability at very light weights. Our oeuvre includes hundreds of dining tables and sculptures, and thousands of side and coffee tables. Designers and stores we have worked with include Baker Furniture, Anthropologie, 505 Design, The Gardener, Caravane and many more.



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