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Circle of Light pendant | Pendants by
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Circle of Light pendant | Pendants by
Circle of Light pendant | Pendants by
Circle of Light pendant | Pendants by
Circle of Light pendant | Pendants by

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Circle of Light pendant

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"Circle of Light" embrace architect office. This charismatic suspension lamp offers you celestial silhouette and colossal dimensions – feeling of space that surrounds us.
A Sun or a Star? It creates daring statement if hung alone and blends in perfectly if contextualized. This is the reason why Circle of Light perfectly complements commercial as well as residential venues – able to oversee open spaces and be accentuated by them too.

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Item Circle of Light pendant
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As seen in Europe Office, 
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Wescover creator since 2018
Let emotions think. is a venture of a professional who founded the company with a clear desire to rally the outstanding and the ingenious – ideas and designers. And the result of his endeavor is precisely just that. Circulation of quality interior items for the contemporary design solutions.

The founder and owner of – Jurgis – is a visionary soul with a combination of entrepreneurship and artistry. With a decade of experience in unconventional design production, Jurgis is well recognized in his respective fields. As a production professional in interior and furniture industries he has a heightened sensation of manufacturing processes, which translates into the design items. Brand products feature quality material and perfect finish.

The co-owner of – Laurynas – is a matter-of-fact as well as down-to-earth person, who is extremely appreciated and valued for his objective, practical and realistic point of view. With his extensive experience in financial, economic and marketing sectors, Laurynas makes a solid and welcome contribution to the Brand‘s growth and prominence. He, also, has an eye for quality design items and natural sence of subtile beauty.

The interaction of these two contrasting and at the same time complementing each other personalities brings the most out of two opposite worlds.

The brand name is derived from a word “jot” which as a verb means quickly writing something down and as a noun stands for an amount equal to fraction, particle or hint. Double jot signifies the creativity and assurance in jotting the sketch down. It also symbolizes the ideas and values the company endorses: simplicity and exclusiveness, exactness and imagination.