Steel Round | Studio Chair

Chairs by Concrete Pig, in Dogwood Coffee Bar - East LakeMinneapolis, MN

Chairs by Concrete Pig seen at Dogwood Coffee Bar - East Lake, Minneapolis - Steel Round | Studio Chair
Steel round and minimal clean lines. Powdered black. Transparent, hiding out in plain view for Dogwood Coffee Company. Wallpaper by Flavor Paper

Meet the Creator

"[Concrete Pig] Keith Wyman creates one of a kind sculptural elements and functional art in the form of modern furniture design. Currently residing in the [self-proclaimed] arts and music mecca of Minneapolis, his surroundings fuel his creativity. Finding inspiration from the space in and around him he continues to innovate, pushing the medium of concrete forward in unexpected ways. To defy gravity. To find comfort in the uninviting. And to seek out new ways of alluding this concrete cohort as an [amiable foe] while continuing to elude reality.

With an eye on the past but a specific vision for the future, Concrete Pig is unique functional art in the form of modern furniture design."

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