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Next Level Lighting
Apollo | Chandeliers by Next Level Lighting
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Apollo | Chandeliers by Next Level Lighting
Apollo | Chandeliers by Next Level Lighting
Apollo | Chandeliers by Next Level Lighting
Apollo | Chandeliers by Next Level Lighting
Apollo | Chandeliers by Next Level Lighting
Apollo | Chandeliers by Next Level Lighting

Apollo - Chandeliers

Price from $1,185 to $1,280

Natural Materials

Looking for a light fixture that will add a modern touch to your home? Look no further than the Apollo chandelier! This industrial-style wooden chandelier is perfect for anyone wanting to add a touch of futurism to their décor. The sleek lines and unique design are sure to catch the eye of any guest, and the bright light it emits is perfect for any room in your home. Whether you place it in your living room, dining room, or even your bedroom, the Apollo chandelier is sure to make a statement.

The ash, oak, or walnut (optional) branches are made with the accent of natural wood texture. The chandelier can be equipped with a dimmable LED driver, which will allow you to adjust the light intensity using a Triac (TRIAC) switch with a dimmer

*Our products are eco-friendly.
*We position our chandeliers as decorative lighting, for technical lighting for the whole room, we recommend having recessed lighting in addition.
*We are ready to carry out a custom order for similar pieces, please request one if needed

* Fixed sculptural form of wooden planks with LED lighting inside.
* Includes 24V LED power supply (110-240V)
* Adjustable cable length (up to 1.5 meters (59")), hardwired
* Bright LED strip inside (7 meters total) UL listed.
* 3 variants of LED light color (2700K,3000K, 4000K, 5000K).The LED strip has 3 years or 13000 hours of the official warranty period
* LED lumens 3800 -4200L/ Delivered Lumens - 2500-3000L (depending on LED color)
* Stylish and slim ceiling canopy with hidden fasteners
* Weight Apr. 5 Kg
* Material - Solid wood, ash, or oak, you can ask also for Black or European walnut.
* Oil-wax finishes by German brand Loba - Lobasol.

* Chandelier: h 145mm x 1050mm x 145mm ( h 5,5”x 49.5" x 5.5" )
* Ceiling canopy for suspended and non-suspended (concrete) ceiling we provide:
non dimmable: 40mm x 450mm x 120 mm (1.5" x 18"x 5" ) with LED driver installed inside.
* Cord length: up to 1.5 meters (39") (adjustable). If needed a longer cord, please let us know.

Package included:
* 1 X Chandelier, 1 LED driver, 100watt
* 2 X metal cable grippers systems.
* 1 X electrical wire connector.
* The special super protective package for worldwide shipping.

Worldwide shipping with a tracking number provided.

Our lighting can only be replaced if it came not working or damaged, in this case, we send a new chandelier. Thank you for your understanding!

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Item Apollo
As seen in Creator's Studio, Prague, Czechia
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