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Restaurant Pendant Lighting

The one design that truly sets the mood for your restaurant — pendant lighting. Whether the space’s atmosphere is moody and dark or rather light and bright, restaurant pendant lighting can bring the perfect amount of sophisticated illumination that is needed. Explore a multitude of pendant lighting designs from water-drop lights to globe pendants and claylights!

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Restaurant pendant lighting includes more high-end, sophisticated design that accents the public space’s atmosphere. The color of a restaurant pendant light is one of the first characteristics that needs to be considered when choosing a design. Some pendant lights are designed to be minimal and focus on the glowing orb aspect — these pendants look like simple lights and can be luxurious and minimal. On the other hand, pendant lighting can also act as a bold centerpiece of a space, allowing bright colors and reflections to take over.

Depending on the material of the pendant light, darker materials like steel, clay, frosted glass, stained-woods and plexiglass cast a lower glow, perfect for moody and elegant restaurants. If you’re looking for brighter lighting that illuminates the restaurant, you might want to opt for lighter woods, blown glass, or gold!

The formation and placement of restaurant pendant lights should also come into consideration. Some pendant lights hang on a singular cord with one light bulb at the end, creating a more minimal effect. Other pendant lights can hang in bunches, which have multiple cords and bulbs. This style gives a more maximalist lighting effect and draws more attention.