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Restaurant Chandelier

Restaurant chandeliers are there to add the perfect ambience or even to steal the show! Whichever route you’re going down, this page is here to fill all your restaurant chandelier needs. For something more toned down, opt for a custom sputnik chandelier or an aluminium circle fixture. If you need a statement piece to draw attention, search through crystal chandeliers, spiral chandeliers, or lantern designs!


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As always, there are many aspects to consider when looking for the ideal chandelier for a restaurant you’re designing. Shape is one of those things to consider! If you are designing for a more contemporary restaurant, you might want to look at sleek chandelier designs – an elegant yet rustic “Balance Chandelier” made with a geometric lighting design and contrasting angles, a low-hanging chandelier made of brass, glass, and custom finishing, or even a circular chandelier that bounces light around a room. When you’re working with little space, more compact chandeliers are the way to go. When you have ample interior space, you have more choices to opt for including drop chandeliers, sculptural chandeliers, and large installations.

Lighting in a restaurant always sets the mood and aesthetic. Since everything is custom and made-to-order on Wescover, choosing the right kind of bulb or material is an easy task. LED lights can be dimmable and great for the environment as they are energy efficient. Fluorescent light bulbs are also an option to go for if you need bright, popping light. A halogen light bulb is also always an option, as well!