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Finding a desk that is aesthetic and functional is essential when trying to create the perfect workspace! Curated by our team at Wescover, we’ve listed our complete base of unique handmade desks that will inspire you, energize you, and put you in the flow state. From compact corner desks to standing desks and solid hardwood desks, the possibilities are endless.

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Finding a desk that perfectly fits the corner or stands just right against the wall can be difficult. Our list of handmade desks include 40+ options that will be sure to suit your space and interior aesthetics!

Height is one thing to think about when choosing the desk that fits you and your needs. Do you like being on your toes and prefer a standing desk? Or do you like cozying up with a corner desk? Maybe you prefer a standard desk but need drawers to fit all of your necessities. Either way, this collection will help you find the one for you.

Our collection of handmade desks include a variety of materials, one of the most popular being hardwood! These hardwood desks can come in a variety of lumber types from walnut, ash and oak, to lenga, mango and teak. When choosing your desk, it’s important to consider what kind of hardwood finish you prefer, too. Other materials that these one-of-a-kind desks are made of include brass, aluminium, leather, glass, and even suede.