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Tapestry Wall Hanging

Big or small, tapestries are the perfect design to add character and statement to your space. The materials that tapestries can be made out of are endless — cotton, leather, hemp, linen, wool, wood, acrylic, oil, raffia… the list goes on! Explore our collection of tapestries below.

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Tapestries are a kind of wall hanging, primarily created with textiles. As time has gone on, artists have begun to make tapestry wall hangings with all kinds of materials. In our collection, you can find woven tapestries made of raffia, cotton, linen, wool and even leather! As the textile art is the first level of tapestry making, artists often layer on other materials to make their tapestries more unique. Using different weaving patterns, textile designers can create different designs and mark-making in the process.

During the construction of a tapestry, there are certain terms used to describe the threads used and the process in creating the final piece. The horizontal textile that is being repeatedly woven is called the “weft” thread. The textiles that are vertical and the core of the tapestry are called “warp” threads. While the textile designer creates their tapestry, they tamp the weft threads together so they create a strong textile.

Some of our favorite tapestries in this collection include the “Chainmail Tapestry” made with punched leather links and Zanny Adornments’ tapestry made of sheep wool, handspun banana fiber, and recycled paper raffia. We also love the “Ball Tapestry” made on a backstrap loom with striking diagonal lines in a dueling pattern. Explore our page to find your favorite handwoven tapestry!