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Yasha Butler / YB Art & Design

County Wexford, Ireland

"Calm. Elegant. Understated / Ceramic sculpture for minimalist spaces."
Hi, I’m Yasha Butler.

I am a ceramic artist, sculptor and designer who is passionate about helping people with an understated aesthetic transform their interiors. From large sculptural vessels to simple accessories, I work with clay to create objects that add a sense of poetry to the spaces we live in.

I have always been in love with the simple, the essential, the understated. But it has taken me years to find the perfect approach to harnessing simplicity without losing a sense of beauty.

Let me explain.

Back when I worked as an interior designer I would create minimalist spaces. These spaces were “nice”, but they always seemed a bit blah. I wanted to create environments that felt calm and inviting, but instead my spaces felt lifeless. I knew that there was something missing – I just couldn’t put a finger on what that something was.

Then I met clay. And, it all became clear.

I realized that what my interiors were missing was a sense of poetry.
Poetry that comes from the irregular, the natural, the imperfect, and the handmade. Poetry that makes us feel relaxed, welcomed and inspired.

No matter what I did, without this one element my spaces always lacked character.

Once I understood what the problem was, I decided to focus on figuring out how to capture this sense of magic. I worked for years honing my craft. I explored the many ways of capturing the simple without washing away the beautiful.

And, it worked. I figured out how to make pieces that embody that sense of poetry and truly transform the spaces that they're in.

Nowadays instead of designing interiors, I create ceramic art that breathes life into them.
Wescover creator since 2020
Projects Portfolio
Residential Project
Nantucket, MA
Residential Project
Nantucket, MA
Residential Project
Ibiza, Spain
Residential Project
Santa Barbara, CA

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