Wanderluxe - Wall Hangings and Macrame Wall Hanging
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Providence, RI

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"objects + inspiration for modern sanctuary + human form"
I’m Erin, the owner and artist behind Wanderluxe, a brand built from the desire to create space amidst the chaos of our modern world. I feel very influenced by the space and energy around me. Like, a lot.

After a decade designing in the costume jewelry industry it became clear that I needed to create stronger boundaries for myself and live in closer alignment with my truth. I left “the grind” determined to shift the energy of my life and space at home and create work with less waste and more transparency. Patterns and space are found everywhere in nature, but not so much in the chaos of our everyday lives. Wanderluxe builds beautiful objects + spaces that leave people feeling like they can breathe. I work with Reiki and Kundalini yoga to ground and protect my energy, make sense of the space surrounding me and infuse that energy into my work.

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