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Vanessa Mae

Sydney, Australia

Vanessa Mae is a self-taught artist with a university degree and a background in architecture. Her style is semi-abstract, abstract and in some cases, verges on impressionism to realism.

Everyday life gives Vanessa Mae the inspiration to paint, with her ideas coming from many different avenues.

Her creativity is inspired by personal experiences, feelings from within, memories and impressions from the ever-changing environment around us. Each piece of art she creates has its own stance and presence, with its own individuality.

For Vanessa Mae, creating art is a joyous experience and her love and enthusiasm for it resonates in all her work. She indulges in the painting and drawing process in an instinctive and limitless manner trusting the skills that she has developed to produce original works of art. Her artistry involves a lot of layers and paint application techniques. She is driven by her imagination and applies it to the media and uses its clues to transform it into a unique style. For her, it is an intuitive process that keeps building until the work “feels right”.

Vanessa Mae has been producing pieces of art for many years and has pieces on display all around the globe, including the USA, United Arab Emirates, Germany, England, Italy, France, Scotland, Brazil, Switzerland, Singapore, Denmark, Canada, and of course, throughout Australia.
Vanessa Mae involves herself in a number of charities on a global scale as she believes there is something special being able to donate artwork in particular, rather than a monetary donation. It’s more personal as if she has helped by giving something of herself. It warms her heart to know that something she has created will go to benefit causes in need.
Wescover creator since 2020
Projects Portfolio
Residential Project
Wellington, New Zealand
Residential Project
Auchenflower, Australia
Residential Project
Sunshine Coast, Australia
Residential Project
Winnipeg, Canada

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