Ulrika Leander

Royal Oak, MD

"I grew up in Sweden where to this day textile art is one of the most frequent forms of artistic expression found in public buildings, corporate offices, churches, health care facilities and in private homes.
The rich history and tradition of textile art and design became part of my consciousness at a very early stage of my life and the Scandinavian design aesthetic is a strong influence to this day.

I create my designs in water-colors. While painting I am thinking of the weaving experience to come, the range of colors and fiber characteristics that will be needed, the intensification of colors that comes with the scale-up to large surfaces and the technical challenge of faithfully hand-weaving the intricacies of the design.

I believe that I am drawn to tapestry weaving by the endless fascination of watching the gradual unfolding of the chrysalis that is my design, into a tapestry that will uplift the spirit and bring new life to an architectural space in a way that fulfills my client’s expectations for a work of enduring beauty and worth. From my personal point of view, weaving a tapestry draws on many parts of my being, the artist’s imagination, the weaver’s skill and the human ability to create. The tapestries are woven in the finest natural tapestry wool in the weft, carefully selected from yarn spinneries in Scandinavia and Australia. In the warp I use cotton."

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