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Tyler Speir Bradford
Tyler Speir Bradford

Tyler Speir Bradford

San Francisco, CA

Tyler Speir Bradford’s signature is all over San Francisco: His contemporary furniture is a focal point in local restaurant interiors, private office spaces, and personal interiors throughout the city. The forms, materials, techniques, and functions vary, but all his creations are a stylistic hybrid of tradition and innovation.

Whether it’s a olive wood bar or teak dining table, the natural world always seems to inspire Tyler’s pieces. We, with the rest of the design community, gravitate towards any space with his substantial hardwood tables. Look for the influence of flowing rivers, skeletal structures, and deep sea life in his work.

As we get to know Tyler, we are noticing his designs are just as bold, resilient, and grounded as he is, “Failure is abundant in my trade, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know of no other profession that requires so much physical and emotional investment with such a low percentage of success. There are times when it seems that everything wants me to give up. Everything resists: wood, metal, moisture, heat, gravity, space, and time. And then there's the human body, in the midst of it all. Creating a piece of furniture in the face of universal resistance is a test of will. The results of this test define me as an artist and a human being.”
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