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Jacob von Sternberg Large Abstracts


"Exciting | Extravagant | Exclusive | Extra Large Fine Art by JVS"

In the past thirty years Jacob created many unique styles. Jacob has been at home in the world of art all his life, and has been creating since he was a small child. He is known for his polytonal art and arte|tecture. Von Sternberg has German American roots and lives with his husband in Berlin, Munich, Malta, and London.

"Oneness, see, feel, heal, art. Capsulated within hovers the the core of the infinite truth. Unity. Those moments that flow and vanish very fast. Without thinking, without fear of failure. Without what people might think about the manifestation, my creation. The moment. Living with the awareness that I have done absolutely everything possible to follow my path, to manifest my passion. Grab a piece of eternity, work hard, dream, act, show your edges, show your passion, always."

His work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in public venues, museums, and galleries throughout Europe, including the German version of the "Love Boat Series" on board MS Deutschland and other internationally operating cruise ships and private yachts.

In 2014 US legend Tony Ward dedicated a full photo shooting to Jacob. Highlighting von Sternberg's wearable art and paintings. This homage includes two portraits of von Sternberg. The series was later published worldwide.

Jacob's polytonal paintings have sculptural character. His interior design creations are lovingly called "arte|tecture" by some of his clients. Together with his clients and his team von Sternberg won several prestigious awards for his holistic design approach based on his research. Since the 90's he develops design projects for the hotel industry, private residences and maritime projects around the world. For several years he has concentrated on his art and only accepts design commissions from a select clientele.

Jacob travelled the world in search of his family. The essence of unity is reflected in his art. He eventually achieved the healing of generations through his relentless search and longing to reunite his family on two continents. He calls this miracle a gift of God and the essence of the Global Generational Consciousness.

"My work features small, medium and also large scale paintings on a very wide variety of surfaces. I use canvas, paper, wood, and several nonconventional surfaces such as time worn wood, vintage papers, antique textiles, and metal findings that I have collected over the years during my travels. I often paint with tools that I have developed myself or use very unconventional ones. At times I refuse to use brushes and painter's knives and use only things from everyday life in an adapted form to create my art. My sculptural works feature beach wood, textile surfaces in combination with colored resin, and a selection of antique findings.‍

In order to see ourselves clearly in the here and now, it is important to understand why we had already made the decisions manifesting here, long before. It is not enough to look at the moment to understand what is happening. The sum of our decisions, made aeons ago, draw our collective reality (and our individual reality). Social conditions limit the unlimited space. The gene|rational memory is present to foster creativity in order to overcome the limits and restraints build by injustice and unfair social conditions. The Global Generational Consciousness can be researched and proven in so many scientific fields. There are different names for the sum, for the essence. Different labels for single processes and phenomena. I could argue on the level of physics, or dive into the depths of philosophy and psychology. But it is and remains the human being who shapes this reality like no other. The decision maker.

To research, to question, to show alternate perspectives is the core of my artistic work. But that alone should not constitute worth or merit. When an energy spills forth from the artists mind, lands onto either a two or three dimensional surface, it is then forever borne within that creator. Unconditionally. Like a child that one cannot ever simply disown.‍

The pursuit of truth in freedom, for freedom's sake - I lost, but was not defeated, grew stronger, became more aware, became more grateful. I won, but I am not a winner."

Born in Germany in the 1970s and raised within a conservative family with a heritage in the pharmaceutical industry, he left home early and chose the hard lessons of life over the convenience of a luxurious lifestyle. Besides studying History of Art (KGI RUB), Jacob moved to Vienna to study color psychology. His studies led to further projects and intensive research on particular color frequencies found in plant extracts. He fell in love with nature's botanical creations. This brought Jacob to the study of physics with a focus on biophotons.

"In the 1990s I was fortunate enough to count Sir Peter Ustinov and Prof. Luigi Colani amongst my friends. Their wisdom and professional support were a most welcome gift. Sir Peter Ustinov, among others, initially supported me to set up my research in the field of the Global Generational Consciousness.

I have worked as the overall creator of distinctive private properties with a focus on longevity and sustainable eco tourism projects globally. Developed methods in the fields of longevity in cooperation with ETH Zurich in 2004 and auto response learning in 2013. Besides my art I coach institutions and political leaders on intergenerational responsibilities applied to human rights in order to create a more sustainable human rights framework spanning over a multi-generational horizon. I inspire the development of a further advanced human rights framework, that integrates the needs of more than one generation only. Thus protecting future generations and preserving earth for further generations."

Jacobs works have been exhibited all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, Malta, London, and on board international cruise ships cruising the world (MV Mistral, 5star luxury cruise ship and "German Love Boat" MS Deutschland, MS Berlin et al.)

His artworks have been sold to institutional customers and private collectors; owners and operators of international cruise vessels, private yachts and in hotels all over the world, diverse cruise ships, and in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Italy, Spain, Gibraltar, San Marino, France, Monaco, Sweden, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Russian Federation, Canada (Nova Scotia, Alberta, British Columbia), United Kingdom, and United States. (Los Angeles, New York City, Long Island, Florida, Washington D.C., Chicago, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Ohio, Cincinnati, and Carmel, California).

Jacob is represented by Yugen Art Gallery, Milan, Italy - Rudy Buhler Art - The Color Project - Modern Art Gallery, Marsaskala, Malta - TNAR, UK, et al.
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